Rapunzel {The Sassy Princess Wedding Series – II} Sassy Mouth Photography

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair. I have known many different versions of Rapunzel in my life.  The Shelley Duvall Faerie Tale Theatre version is the most prominent in my mind, where the witch catchesRapunzel's father steal radishes out of her garden for his pregnant wife, and the father ultimately trades his unborn baby girl for them radishes to make his wife happy, thinking in the end, they will be able to outsmart the witch.  Turns out, they couldn't (I mean, he couldn't even steal radishes without outsmarting the which..come on buddy..haha) and the witch steals the baby girl away and locks her in a tower, and her golden hair grows and grows and grows...Until it is long like crazy town long.  How does she condition that thing in that tower?!?  So, to get in the tower, the witch calls up to Rapunzel, asking her to drop down her long hair.  I often felt Rapunzels pain as I watched that grown lady haul herself up her hair, my hair hurt like crazy sometimes when my mom brushed it, that couldn't possibly have been pleasant.  Eventually a prince wanders around, and see's how to get to that pretty young thang locked up there, and climbs the hair.  IDK how she couldn't tell the weight difference.  Anyways, it doesn't go good for him (again, that witch is pretty clever) and she blinds him.  Don't cry hunnies, Rapunzel gets OUT of that tower chops her hair off, finds the prince in the desert wandering, cries in his eyes, he can see again,  and they live happily ever after.  Yep. So, I was pretty happy to fall madly in love with Tangled when it came out.  That peppy little Rapunzel cracked me up, not to mention how absolutely beautiful the movie was, the animation in that film is outstanding.  Not to mention the story is lovely, it got me a little teary....but it is well developed,  the prince isn't a prince, but a wanted thief (way to go rouge Disney) , Rapunzel has fine tuned many skills locked up in her tower and she has paintings and projects all over the place...I do feel bad for her parents though, as in the original story, are robbed of watching their child grown.  Tangled makes me very happy.  And, completely unplanned and a very good stroke of luck, the week our Rapunzel styled wedding photo shoot premieres, Tangled also does on ABC Family, Saturday night at 8:00.  I'm the cosmic enforcer.  Hahaha. Wanna talk about this photo shoot?  Me too.  Our location was perfect, The Fox Hill Tower at Henry Park in Vernon, CT.  I have never in my life seen a better Rapunzel tower, kudos to Anna for getting the location perfect.  This is our second in the Princess Brides Series (our first, Snow White, can be seen HERE) I knew I wanted Rapunzel to be curvy and beautiful, and blonde.  Enter our perfect Rapunzel Model, Katherine Roll.   She is dreamy, and took on the role of the princess bride perfectly, especially once that beautiful dress from Real Size Bride was on her body!  Ok, hold on a second, I gotta tell you, I had a dream in January and told TJ I wanted a bride to have pink in her dress this year.  TA DA!!  So exciting it happened so early on!  That dress is so unreal, with this pink cascading ruffles and all those sparkly beads..sigh.  I want to twirl around in it.  Kat rocked the role of Rapunzel, thanks girlfriend!  My nieces also make a little guest appearance as little Rapunzel princess flower girls, to cute. Anna, from Country Girl Collections put together beautiful little areas to compliment the shoot, a pretty table for two underneath a tangled tree, hanging lanterns, pretty penants, a chandelier strung from the sturdy branches, the beautiful bouquet, and head crowns for the girls, an adorable purple jam favor, and bunches of other little touches.  She just gets it so beautiful, and so right, I love making magic with this girl.  Thank you so much Anna!  And thank you to the rest of our vendors that helped bring this shoot to life!!  Krystalized Designs beautified Rapunzel, and crafted that amazing long blonde braid, thank you lady!! Barbara from AvantGarde Designs brought us the pretty paper goods {I adore the print on the envelope!!!}, Sissycakes made that ah-maze-ing cake, and the lovely cupcakes.  The cake is really quite fantastic, a faux stone background with perfectly pink and purple flowers, and a golden braid cascading down from the top.  Amazing.  Jess and Cliff from Love Colorful and Cliffpro also stopped by to help out when needed, and Jessica brought the prettiest Rapunzel story book ever, I would love to read it sometime, and a few other pretty things that got documented.  She also had those magical paper lanterns, but it was a bit windy in our story that night.  🙂  I also can't forget to mention Sam, who let us come document her beautiful horses for a little bit, and I got in with them, and they ran around me and shook the earth, and I am so brave.  Hahaha.  Luigi wasn't to thrilled with the flowers in his hair, but it looked lovely!! Thank you all so much for being part of my imagination!!  I really do love making magic with all of you.  🙂 Join the Sassy Mouth Family on Facebook, all the cool peeps have.