Pets Alive Catsino Night 2012 {Sky View Rehabilitation and Health Care – Croton-on-Hudson, NY} Sassy Mouth Photography

If you follow my blog, or have met me in real life ever, you know a few things about me.  I'm a Sassy Mouth, who likes to keep her karma in pretty good standing (to make up for those occasional slip ups..... ...  🙂 ) and have had a 15 year non relationship with Rob Thomas (and Matchbox Twenty, of course, I feel like they get sad sometimes when I mention him  So, through my non relationship, I have watched Mr. Thomas and his wife Marisol become wonderful philanthropists, founding their charity Sidewalk Angels.  I sort of have goosbumps a little now.  Because, through that charity, these two wonderful people have been able to help so many PEOPLE and ANIMALS it is amazing.  One of the organization that Sidewalk Angels works with is Pets Alive, an animal sanctuary out of Middletown, NY.  Now, I see all the photo's they post of their animals, and am so happy when it is posted that one gets to go to their new home, our first family dog (some day...) will absolutely come from them.... They can help find your body breed of dog that would fit your whole family, they are a multi generational source of expertise.... and donating money is lovely, but I feel like I have been dealt a different set of skills, I want to document.  Then, like magic, a tweet comes in about them having a Catsino Night to benefit Pets Alive, and a tweet later, some emails, TJ and I are careening down a highway towards New York  on Saturday night. The event was held at Sky View Rehabilitation and Health Care , and we had a blast.  There were group hugs at the end.  People were yelling our names..hahaha.  I am not sure if the peeps at Pets Alive realized they were booking another floor show that night (besides the magician) because this Sassy lady had a blast with all of the pet loving, good hearted, generous people there that night.  They raised over $15,000..magical!!  Oh, and a Les Paul Ultra Epiphone Guitar signed by Rob Thomas, and auctioned off that night, beautiful.  We had a wonderful evening!! Thank you so much for having us.  Here is what is felt like to be there.  <3 Join the Sassy Mouth Family on Facebook, all the cool kids are doing it.  Please do not remove images from this site, but if you can not possibly resist, don't crop out the Sassy Mouth.  Gracias.