The Wedding of Sue and Felix {First Congregational Church – Meriden, CT & Private Residence

I met Sue in high school, and we were friends throughout.  She always got my jokes, and laughed at them, which I appreciated, had excellent swagger and was overall, a pretty cool chick, liked by many.  Felix, I don't remember that much, which is actually sort of unbelievable, since this guy would probably be a hard one to forget.  And together, the beautiful couple is expecting their first baby, a baby Boy, and just got married.  I was so honored to document it all.  For real, for real.  And what a wonderful day to document.  My friend Anna from Country Girl Collections worked with Sue on the decor of the tent, and so many other adorable little details, a wish jar for the couple, little areas of cuteness all over the place.  Love Anna long time. Sue and Felix where married at First Congregational Church in Meriden, followed up by some epic picture taking up at the top of the world.  Their reception was at Sue's parents house in Middletown, and was beautiful.  The bridal party got out of their pimpin' car and up the driveway to claps and high fives and mad love.  A great bridal party..although the boys liked to sort of abuse one another, it was all out of love.  Yummy cupcakes from Sissy Cakes. So, Sue.  I am so happy I was your wedding photographer.  Thank you so much for having TJ and I.  Felix.  You have a most excellent girl there, but I know you know.  Sue and Felix, congratulations on everything, and can't wait to meet the new addition.  <3 <3 Join the Sassy Mouth on Facebook.  All the cool kids are doing it.  Please don't remove the images from this site, but if you cannot resist, don't crop out the Sassy Mouth.