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The Green Gala {Connecticut Science Center, Hartford, CT} Sassy Mouth Photography

This life I am living continues to amaze me. At one point on Saturday night, I looked around at the Connecticut Science Center and marveled at it all. The giant flowers hanging from the ceiling, beautiful lighting, people dressed in their most eco-friendly attire...politicians, socialites, all sorts of folks, gathered together to celebrate science in this fabulous state we live in. And I was there to photograph it all. An amazing night, thanks to my wonderful team, TJ and Christina, and to the Science Center for having me. I have never been called Sassy more in my life, and I am pretty sure you are all my people now. πŸ™‚ Enjoy! Β©Sassy Mouth Photography 2010 {The Green Gala} Connecticut Science Center, Hartford, CT Me in front of my fav, I get my groove on in here. Sassy Mouth Photography Crew! I should have the rest uploaded to the gallery soon, to check them out visit and click 'Client Galleries' in the upper right corner. Probably will be there tomorrow. πŸ™‚

4 Responses to “The Green Gala {Connecticut Science Center, Hartford, CT} Sassy Mouth Photography”

  • Christina Balletti Trowbridge:

    Amazing! It was a great night!

  • Auntie JoAnna:

    This looks like a really great time! My heart is filled with pride for you and Christina both… the pictures are fantastic and everyone looks like they loved your camera! Great job!

  • beautiful job! I loved the trees the best….I think I might be a tree someday, I remember Nana was a tree one Halloween and she even had a nest in her hair!

  • Kelly Dannahey:


    Te pictures you took Saturday night were amazing!! I attended with Mark Dixon and you took a picture of the two of us and I don’t see it in the pictures that are posted. Any chance I could see it??

    Thank you,

    Kelly Dannahey

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