Hartford Magazine May 2012 Launch Party {Best of Issue} Sassy Mouth Photography

Congrats to Cheyney Barrieau for winning Best of Photography in Hartford Magazine's annual readers Best of Poll!   I had the pleasure of being photographed by the fabulous Cheyney last September, she took TJ and my anniversary photo's at Lymans Orchards!  And she is flippin beautiful, I am not even kidding, like Miss America beautiful.  And the nicest person ever in the world, I couldn't be happier for her big win.  Oh..and I came in runner up!  Hollar!  🙂   So, my mom and I went up to Hartford to hob knob at the launch party for the May Issue of  Hartford Magazine last week.  I get to see hot stuff Cheyney Barrieau in real life, my home girl Tracy Shirer from The Connecticut Science Center, and got the hug of a lifetime from Geoff Fox.  All in a a nights work my friends. OH!  And it was the unofficial beta test launch of the Little Sassy Sticks, which will be going out in full force to the attendee's of the Meriden Daffodil Festival on Saturday morning as my Sassy Mouth Photography float rolls by them.  And a few will accompany me every where I go forever from now on.  <3 <3 Oh yeah, wait until you see.  🙂 Join the Sassy Mouth Family on Facebook.  Please do not remove images from this site without permission. Thanks! 🙂