Sleeping Beauty {The Sassy Princess Bride Wedding Series V} Sassy Mouth Photography

"The king was so happy about the birth of the princess that he held a great celebration. He also invited the fairies who lived in his kingdom, but because he had only twelve golden plates, one had to be left out, for there were thirteen of them.

The fairies came to the celebration, and as it was ending they presented the child with gifts. The one promised her virtue, the second one gave beauty, and so on, each one offering something desirable and magnificent. The eleventh fairy had just presented her gift when the thirteenth fairy walked in. She was very angry that she had not been invited and cried out, "Because you did not invite me, I tell you that in her fifteenth year, your daughter will prick herself with a spindle and fall over dead."

The parents were horrified, but the twelfth fairy, who had not yet offered her wish, said, "It shall not be her death. She will only fall into a hundred-year sleep." The king, hoping to rescue his dear child, issued an order that all spindles in the entire kingdom should be destroyed."

Excerpt from Little Briar Rose by The Brothers Grimm

Anyone else think the King should have just gotten another golden plate, then a whole lot of trouble could have been avoided?  🙂 Lol

Our Sleeping Beauty came to life a couple of weeks ago at Gillette Castle in Haddam, CT.  The team put together a beautiful chic palette of pale pinks, grey, neutrals, and black.  It photographed so chic, and warm, it was the perfect compliment to the story of Sleeping Beauty, and our very own Aurora, who just happened to be a real life Aurora,  the one and only of Aurora Photography.  I can't believe this is our fifth princess, the collection of images is really starting to look magical, and all the seasons that matched the princess' give each shoot it's own look.  Take a look at past princess'

Snow White  (CT Bride Mag Feature)   Rapunzel    Cinderella   The Little Mermaid 

And it has been a great time, to just get together with creative people, to make magic.  Of course, it is sort of crazy while we are out there, but time after time, it comes together just right.  Our Sleeping Beauty glowed from inside out, the set glimmered and shimmered, Country Girl Collections brought french doors for the shoot...amazing.  Welcome Branch and Bloom to the mix with the florals, beautifully done, girl!  Here is the full list of wonderful vendors that put all of this magic together.  Thank you all again! 🙂

Photography - Sassy Mouth

Set Design & Decor - Country Girl Collections

Printed Materials - Avantgarde Design

Cake - A Little Imagination Cakes

Flowers - Branch and Bloom

Dress - Bliss Bridal

Hair and Makeup - Krystalized Designs

Sleeping Beauty & Prince - Aurora Photography & Eric Frost

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