The Little Mermaid {The Sassy Princess Bride Wedding Series – IV} Sassy Mouth Photography

I used to play Little Mermaid in the pool like it was my job.  I remember getting The Little Mermaid movie for my 7th birthday, and my little brother pulled the tape out of the cassette, and my mom taped it, so we couldn't rewind it all the way back.  True Story.  I must have watched that movie 5,000 times.  Loved me some mermaid.  And although Belle is my FAV, Ariel is a close second, I have become a traitor on my brown hair, like Beauty, in exchange for some fire-y red mermaid locks.  And it just feels right.  🙂 This is how I see the little Mermaid story.  This is a young girl, straight outta the ocean, FRESH FISH!  She is wide eyed, and excitable, and brand new.  She loves everything about the human world, but still had mad love for her nautical roots.  She is strong willed, and sassy, and will always follow her heart.  In original version of the story, the mermaid does NOT get her man in time, and turns into a spirit of the ocean, and watches over the prince and his wife.  This ending broke my heart, but in a way, made the most sense.  She could never be in either of the places she wanted to be with all her heart, so she just became a guardian of both of them.  I am always going to pick the happy ending, every time, but I feel like she was still fine in the original. So lets get to OUR mermaid.  A wonderful team again, I can't ever believe all of the brilliant touches these wonderful vendors think of, and how it all always works together so magically every time.  This is a group of wonderful, genius people, and I am so happy to have them all working with me on these photo shoots.  This is the fourth Princess in our series, and I can't believe we have done four already!  Our Snow White is featured in the Fall/Winter issue of Connecticut Bride Magazine!  We have also done Rapunzel, and Cinderella over the past few months.  Thank you all for being along for the photo shoots! I hope you are having fun! 🙂  Thank you to our beautiful mermaid, Katie, for being the absolute perfect mermaid bride!! The Little Mermaid Team Photography - Sassy Mouth Photography Event Styling, Decor & Flowers - Country Girl Collections Location - Rocky Neck State Park Confetti Bar, Drink Table & Dress - The Confetti Bar Printed Materials - Avantgarde Designs Hair - That Girl Makeup - All Dolled Up Cake - Sissycakes  


















The Little Mermaid - Princess Bride Wedding - Sassy Mouth