Cinderella {The Sassy Princess Bride Wedding Series – III} Sassy Mouth Photography

The story of Cinderella can be traced by to the 1st century BC.  It has had many versions, some darker, some much, much happier, but it always basically comes down to one story.  A beautiful young girl looses her father, and her life is made miserable by her step-mother and step-sisters, forced to live a grimey, dirty life tending to them and sleeping on the ground.  In the Grimm fairy tale version, those wicked woman all get what is coming to them (I will spare you the details, but let's just say a sister tries to get her foot to fit that glass sister is a rather severe way!) and Cinderella lives happily ever after.  In all the versions, she lives happily ever after.  I suppose that everyone who wrote, and rewrote the story, figured she deserved it after the life she had.  And, THAT is true.  It is why people love this story.  She did deserve it!  Cinderella kept a very cheery disposition for having a tough life thrown her way, and she made friends with the cat and the mice when she didn't have anyone, and she just kept going, and dreaming, and hoping, that all the goodness inside of her would equal out to her happy ending someday.  AND IT DID!  See, the power of positive thinking! Our Cinderella story starts after the happy ending.  We like pretty things, what can I say?  St. Clements Castle hosted the shoot in their Sunken Garden area, and we were thrilled to be there, such a beautiful space.  A wonderful team came together, again, to bring a vision to life.  This is our third princess, you can see SNOW WHITE HERE and RAPUNZEL HERE.  Thank you so much to everyone who came together to make such magic happen! Cinderella Team Photography - Sassy Mouth Photography Location - St. Clements Castle - Portland, Connecticut Event Styling - Country Girl Collections Dress and Accessories - Bliss Bridal Hair and Makeup - Krystalized Designs Cake - A Little Imagination Cakes Dessert Table - The Candy Brigade Printed Materials - Avantgarde Designs Flowers - HGK Designs Cinderella and Prince Charming - Amanda and Vincent